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Empire Avenue

Set at the forefront of one of Erbil’s most sought after and prestigious communities, Empire Avenue offers the best possible location to live, work and play.

With a host of stylish cafes, top restaurants and an array of fashionable stores, Empire Avenue enables residents and visitors alike to not only experience the best possible lifestyle, but the very best of Erbil.

Empire Avenue isn’t simply an urban walkway– it’s a sanctuary. Here, lush green landscapes and wide boardwalks and fascinating fountains provide the luxurious backdrop for pedestrian-friendly living set within a warm and energetic urban setting.

Residents and visitors seeking to relax will find our vibrant promenades and wide open public spaces, tastefully appointed with urban interactive gardens and sculptures that create a backdrop of true sophistication and refinement. Meanwhile, those who crave a little retail therapy or a leisurely bite to eat may stroll through a walkway lane connected to contemporary streetscapes, bustling with high-class shopping and urban eateries.

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