Oct 14th, 2018

Residential Wings (W9 – W10 – W11)

The luxury apartments that form Empire World – Residential Wings are located in the west side of the Empire World project. A total of 944 apartments are spread over 11 buildings forming the Residential Wings. Starting at 9 floors, the buildings gradually rise to 27 floors in height.

Blocks W1 – W8 have been handed over to buyers while blocks W9 – W10 are expected to be finished by December, 2018.

Block W11 is under construction and apartments at this block are now for sale. W11 is expected to be completed by February, 2019.

Please call one of these numbers to discuss the purchase of an apartment at block W11, Empire World – Residential Wings: 0750 640 8811 – 0750 640 8822 – 0750 640 8833

Below you will find a video of work-progress and an apartment sample at Empire World – Residential Wings (W9 – W10 – W11):